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Beach volleyball in Palmanova

Playing beach volleyball in Palmanova is one of the most fun sports activities you can do. Beach volleyball is a sport with more and more followers, since 1996 when it was officially considered as an Olympic discipline and debuted as a sport at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. If we go back to its more popular history, in its beginnings, it was played as a recreational beach sport at the beginning of the last century in coastal areas such as Hawaii, California or Brazil.
Gradually, in beach areas all over the world, beach volleyball has become more and more popular, especially on the coasts of temperate climates.
And of course, in Mallorca. Palmanova is the best beach to play beach volleyball for many residents of Calvià and tourists in Mallorca. In Mallorca, there are many long sandy beaches which have facilitated the popularisation of this form of volleyball. The good accessibility and the extension of sand that characterise the beaches of Son Matias and Palmanova, make playing volleyball in Palmanova a real luxury. It is worth mentioning that every year a beach volleyball tournament is held in Palmanova called Beach Volley Around the World. the last one was held in May of this year.

The boom of this sport means that beach volleyball is being practised more and more in Mallorca with the result of new training centres and campuses, as well as the adoption of this modality by the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation.
Playing beach volleyball is a great plan to do with family, friends or work colleagues, as well as being one of the most popular sports according to the players who try it for the first time. But if you have never played before, don't worry. We explain the basic rules and a couple of tips so that you can play beach volleyball if you are in Mallorca.

Where can you play beach volleyball in Palmanova?

Son Matias beach and Palmanova beach are the longest beaches, which makes them ideal for playing beach volleyball. Especially Palmanova beach has an area where you can set up your net and start playing with the ball. The so-called Zona d'Esports that the Calvià Town Hall has reserved on its beaches to be able to play outdoor sports.

How to play beach volleyball?

  1. The first thing you need to know is how many people you play with. The ideal is between 4 and 6 people to make 2 even teams.
  2. As a team sport, beach volleyball involves two teams of 2 or 3 people each on a field with a rectangular area separated by a net 2.24 metres high. The official dimensions are 9 metres wide by 18 metres long.
  3. Scoring is similar to traditional volleyball. The team that scores 2 sets with at least 21 points and 2 points difference wins.
    To serve, the player of one of the teams has to stand at the end of his court on the opposite side of the net, and serve the ball so that it falls into the opposing team's area. The opponents have to try not to let the ball touch the ground in their own court.
  4. The touches or types of ball strokes are: serve, reception, placement and spike as in volleyball.

if you would like to have a refreshing drink after a game of volleyball in Palmanova, come to our terrace at The Blue Bar.