The Blue Party
August 16, 2023
restaurante para grupos en Palmanova
The Blue Bar, your restaurant for groups in Palmanova
August 31, 2023

Caviar and champagne on The Blue Bar Palmanova Terrace

In the heart of Palmanova's stunning Son Matias beach lies a gastronomic hotspot that no visitor to Mallorca should miss: The Blue Bar. The restaurant has captured the essence of culinary indulgence by offering a unique experience that combines the exquisiteness of the finest caviar with the effervescent allure of champagne. All framed by an unparalleled panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The combination of caviar and champagne is a symphony for lovers of the good life. Caviar, with its delicate flavour and silky smooth texture, blends perfectly with the golden bubbles of champagne, creating an explosion of elegance in every bite and sip. At The Blue Bar, this fusion becomes an unforgettable experience, combining the richness of caviar with the freshness and sophistication of champagne.

Moët Chandon by the glass

Our champagne menu has been carefully selected to offer the most refreshing drinks. One of the novelties is that you can taste Moët Chandon by the glass, if you prefer. In addition to Moët Chandon (Brut Imperial, Rosé and Ice), you will find others as sophisticated and delicious as Ruinart Blanc de Blancs or Dom Perignon.

Among the cavas, Blau de Mar Brut, Perelada Stars Brut Nature Reserva, Gramona Rosé Gran Reserva and Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva stand out. And to close the selection of bubbles, two proseccos: Biciclette E Pesci Doc and Biciclette E Pesci Doc Rose.

Caviar and champagne by the sea

What makes this caviar and champagne pairing experience even more special is the setting. The terrace of The Blue Bar offers an oasis of tranquillity and natural beauty, with the sea as a backdrop. There is no rush to enjoy every bite of caviar, every sip of champagne and every panoramic view of the landscape.

The combination of caviar and champagne on the terrace of The Blue Bar is not simply a meal, it is an elegant experience to be enjoyed in tranquillity. A tribute to the simple and refined pleasures that make life truly exceptional. If you're looking for a way to pamper yourself, look no further. We await you on your seafront terrace in Palmanova: The Blue Bar.