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June 5, 2023
Chandon Garden Spritz en Mallorca
Chandon Garden Spritz in The Blue Bar restaurant
June 21, 2023

Caviar in Mallorca: the delicacy comes to The Blue Bar

Where to taste caviar in Mallorca? In the exciting world of restaurants, we are always on the lookout for new flavours and culinary experiences that delight and surprise our diners. For this reason, at The Blue Bar we have added an exceptional ingredient to our menu: Amur Beluga and Amur Imperial caviar. Many diners did not know where to taste caviar in Mallorca. Well, these delicate and exquisite sturgeon eggs from the Amur River in Asia bring a whole new dimension to our already tasty dishes. With their unique taste and indulgent texture, Amur Beluga and Amur Imperial caviar will further enhance the culinary creations on our menu.

Amur Beluga and Amur Imperial caviar, now in Mallorca

Amur Beluga and Amur Imperial caviar are considered one of the most precious treasures of gastronomy. Originating from the Huso huso sturgeon, which inhabits the waters of the Amur River, these supreme quality eggs are known for their refined taste and unparalleled smoothness. Each individual caviar grain is a burst of elegance and sophistication on the palate, making them a perfect complement to our existing dishes.

The Amur Beluga, characterised by its larger size and golden tones, offers a smooth and unctuous taste, with subtle nutty and buttery notes. The smaller, darker Amur Imperial, on the other hand, has a more intense and complex flavour, with salty and smoky overtones. Both varieties melt in the mouth, releasing an explosion of flavours that take culinary creations to the next level. And both, thanks to The Blue Bar, are available to those looking for a caviar restaurant in Mallorca.

The inclusion of Amur Beluga and Amur Imperial caviar in our restaurant has been carefully considered to enhance the dining experience for our guests. Our team has worked to combine these delicacies with our existing dishes, creating unique and balanced harmonies of flavours. On the menu, you'll see that we recommend which dishes to praise with caviar, but best of all, you can add it to the dish of your choice. And what's more, in different formats.

Caviar in Mallorca

  • Amur Beluga, in presentations of 10, 30, 50 and 100 grams.
  • The Amur Imperial, in 100 and 500 grams.

You will feel that it is so exquisite that even its container will be one of the best gifts you will take with you from Mallorca. Book your table here and come and try it!

In our quest to offer extraordinary culinary experiences, we have introduced Amur Beluga and Amur Imperial caviar in Mallorca to our menu. These gastronomic treasures and their refined taste enhance the dishes at The Blue Bar. Every bite with caviar is an invitation to travel through a world of exquisiteness and sophistication.