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Chandon Garden Spritz in The Blue Bar restaurant

When it comes to enjoying special moments in a sophisticated atmosphere, The Blue Bar restaurant always stands out. Located on Son Matias beach, it offers a wide variety of dining options and exclusive drinks to delight its diners. Among them is the refreshing Chandon Garden Spritz, a perfect option for lovers of vibrant and sophisticated cocktails. We invite you to discover this exquisite drink that has conquered the palate of The Blue Bar's customers.

A unique cocktail

The Chandon Garden Spritz is a unique creation that combines the elegance and freshness of Chandon sparkling wine with a selection of ingredients that make it a true explosion of flavours. The base of this cocktail is Chandon sparkling wine, known for its exceptional quality and refined taste. Its smooth and delicate bubbly is the perfect companion for a refreshing experience.

In addition, the Chandon Garden Spritz incorporates a carefully selected blend of ingredients to enhance its flavour and give it a fresh and vibrant note. These ingredients include fresh fruits such as oranges and lemons, which add that distinctive citrus zing. Aromatic herbs are also added, adding herbal and refreshing nuances to the cocktail. The combination of these ingredients results in a perfect balance of flavours and aromas.

A sensory experience

When sipping the Chandon Garden Spritz at The Blue Bar, diners not only enjoy an exceptional drink, but also a complete sensory experience. The vibrant colour of the cocktail in the glass captivates the eye from the very first moment. As the glass is brought to the lips, herbal and citrus aromas invade the senses, arousing curiosity and appetite. As you savour the first sip, you experience a pleasant effervescence that mingles with the fruity and herbal flavours, leaving a refreshing sensation on the palate.

The Chandon Garden Spritz is a versatile cocktail that adapts to any occasion. Whether celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a romantic evening or simply relaxing after a tiring day, this refreshing cocktail is always an excellent choice. Its unique combination of flavours and elegant presentation make the Chandon Garden Spritz an irresistible choice for lovers of quality cocktails.

Come to The Blue Bar restaurant in Palmanova and don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary experience, complemented by the presence of the Chandon Garden Spritz. And if you prefer to just enjoy your Moët & Chandon, from now on our menu offers it by the glass. Cheers!