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June 9, 2022
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Fresh fish in Palmanova: local product from the sea to the plate

Being located on the sea suggests having a wide variety of dishes from the Mediterranean. Eating fresh fish in Palmanova is one of the most popular requests from clients. Nothing like the warmer months of the year to take a vacation break, whether short or long, and enjoy the best fresh fish. In Palmanova, there are still residents with a great interest in fishing.

That is why at The Blue Bar we feed on the local markets in the area. Only in this way can we offer the dishes that are so requested by those who visit us. Proximity product and, above all, quality, to please the most demanding palates.

Our fresh fish in Palmanova

The sea is part of the essence of The Blue Bar, it basically surrounds us! That is why fresh fish from local markets allows us to offer the best fresh fish in Palmanova. And the fact is that the menu is dotted with suggestive bites from the sea both in the starters and in the main dishes. Without forgetting some of our salads and, of course, their presence in another of our star dishes: paella.

As cold starters, we have salmon tartare with avocado, chives and sesame; tuna tataki with lemon vinaigrette and Asian mayo; oysters nº2; oysters with yuzu sauce and even a rich caviar. Among the hot starters, numerous options such as cooked octopus served with olive oil, salt flakes, paprika and Asian mayo; Andalusian squid with aioli; prawns in tempura; Shrimp Scampi; marinera mussels and grilled prawns. And this is just to whet your appetite.


The restaurant fish

The fish included in our main dishes will make it difficult for meat lovers, since they will have to make a difficult -but tasty- decision. Grilled gilthead or on the back; grilled sea bass, on the back or the spectacular sea bass in salt; seared Mediterranean red tuna and soy reduction; grilled salmon with honey sauce; grilled squid; fried sole and aioli and, to top it off, grilled lobster. Does anyone give more?

In short, at The Blue Bar you will find the best restaurant where you can eat fresh fish in Palmanova. And all this in one of the best terraces over the sea in Mallorca, with incredible views and the best service. Come visit us!