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How to get to Palmanova from Palma by bus, car and taxi

How to get to Palmanova from Palma? Palmanova is located just 15 kilometers from the capital of Mallorca. If the journey starts from the airport, the distance is just 25 kilometers. Located in the municipality of Calvià, Palmanova attracts many visitors looking for a beach. Eating a paella facing the sea, taking a bath or having a few cocktails are some of the top plans in Palmanova.

To get to Palmanova from Palma by car, just follow the signs for the MA-1 motorway towards Andratx. Driving west, signs will soon appear announcing the Palmanova exit (exit 13). The journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

Palmanova-Palma bus

The proximity of Palmanova to Palma means that bus connections are quite good. How to get to Palmanova from Palma by bus? The most comfortable bus lines are 104 and 105. You can take both rides at the Palma Intermodal Station, next to Plaza España. The journey takes approximately half an hour. Other bus lines that arrive from Palma to Palmanova are the 106 and 107, but they do not cross the urban center, so the bus stops are further from the beach.

How to get to Palmanova from Palma airport

During the summer season, the TIB or public transport service operates line A12. With it you can get from Palma airport to Palmanova quickly and easily. In winter, however, to go from Mallorca airport to Palmanova you have to change buses at the capital's Intermodal Station: from the A1 Airport-Palma to one of the aforementioned lines.

Palma-Palmanova taxi

As it is a short distance, the taxi can be an option to consider for this route. The price of a taxi from Palma to Palmanova is around 20-30 euros. A reasonable price if the journey is shared, in addition to the comfort offered by private transport. Between Palmanova and the airport, the taxi price is around 40 euros. Calvià has its own taxi service, which operates in the area by calling +34 971 13 47 00. You can also book through its website.

As you can see, there are many options to fully enjoy the beaches and restaurants of Palmanova. If you visit the area, you definitely have to pass by The Blue Bar Mallorca, the restaurant on Son Matías beach. A perfect place to unwind and enjoy the best local cuisine in the area. Enjoy it!