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March 25, 2022
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April 12, 2022

Live webcams in Palmanova: check the weather at Son Matias beach

What is the weather like in Palmanova and on Son Matias beach? With new technologies, you can see what the day is like through various live webcams in Palmanova and its beaches. This area of Mallorca is privileged and enjoys good weather and sun almost all year round. To find out the weather in Palmanova, you can use the website of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). In short, this web is the most reliable website to check the weather in Spain.

However, without a doubt, nothing better than going further and seeing a live video with your own eyes to know what the weather is like. Through several live webcams in Palmanova and the municipality of Calvià, you will know at all times how the day presents itself.

Live webcam on Son Matias beach

Son Matias beach has its own webcam where you can check the strip of sand, the sea and the sky. Just on the right side, you can even see The Blue Bar restaurant. An essential break to enjoy the best atmosphere and local cuisine. We invite you to reserve your table through the top menu of the web!

:idea: Access the live webcam of Son Matias beach, Palmanova.

Camera in a nearby hotel

Another of Palmanova's live webcams is the one at the Cabau Aquasol hotel. As these live cameras sometimes experience failures, it can be an alternative option to see what the day is like in the area.

:idea: Look at the webcam of the Cabau Aquasol hotel in Palmanova.

Son Bugadelles, headquarters of IB3

In the municipality of Calvià, towards the interior of the coastal zone, is the third live webcam in Palmanova. It can also be of great help when checking the weather in the municipality, even if it is a bit far from the sea. Seeing if the sky is cloudy or sunny will help you know the weather in real time. This camera belongs to the Balearic television.

:idea: IB3 live camera in Calvià.

Now there is no excuse to know how is the weather like in Palmanova and on the Son Matias beach. From here you can check the weather whenever you want. And remember, we are waiting for you at The Blue Bar, the best located restaurant to enjoy a day at the beach in Palmanova.

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