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September 20, 2023
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Local products and nearby suppliers in The Blue Bar

The search for quality products and local suppliers is one of the hallmarks of The Blue Bar. Local products play an important role in the menu. "We work with Mallorcan suppliers and try to ensure that everything is local," says Carlos Muñoz-Delgado, the restaurant's manager. "We have been working with some of them for almost all our lives; they already know us and many suppliers from the island come to offer us products from here because they know how much work we have to do.

Almost all the products needed to prepare the dishes on the menu, such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, are local and, if they cannot be found on the island, "at least they are national, such as Galician beef. Even the avocado is national". The fish, "from our Mediterranean Sea, of course, and the tomatoes are Mallorcan", Carlos points out.

Trends and innovation

Even dishes that at first glance may seem less 'local' are also sourced from local suppliers. This is the case of the sushi ingredients, "which we buy from a Mallorcan distributor from Mercat del Olivar". Carlos recognises that he is always "attentive to new trends. Sushi is in fashion and you have to keep up with the times. I always keep an eye on what's new in the sector; I travel to Madrid at least twice a year", he explains.

Keeping abreast of the latest trends makes it possible for The Blue Bar to burst onto the Mallorcan restaurant scene every year with innovative proposals. This season, for example, poke bowls, black rice with cuttlefish and prawns, grilled seafood or tagliatelle frutti di mare were introduced. Also caviar, "which we decided to buy through a friend of mine who introduced me to the owner of the Casa del Caviar Imperial. I thought it was a good idea to offer it and it has been a success, it is an added value for a certain part of our clientele".

Carlos is the one who prepares the recipes, so knowing the products and suppliers well is essential for the result to be exquisite. "Then it is the kitchen who adapts them to our work rhythm to offer the best possible menu for the eight months we are open", concludes the manager of The Blue Bar.

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