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April 7, 2022
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The Blue Bar reopens in 2022 with new features

The restaurant on the sea of Son Matias beach in Palmanova, The Blue Bar, begins the 2022 season with renewed strength. The best terrace in Palmanova, with incredible views over the beach, reopens with new features for the enjoyment of its customers. New decoration and new spaces that surprise both those who already know The Blue Bar and those who don't.

Its main outdoor area now includes more modern decor. A beach club atmosphere to taste the rich gastronomy of The Blue Bar menu. Based on fresh and local ingredients, the menu includes options for all tastes, with its famous paellas as a claim. Even numerous dishes for celiacs. In short, a perfect space for a banquet, to celebrate an event or simply to relax while tasting one of their famous cocktails.

A balcony to the sea

The Blue Bar boasts of its location and is like a balcony to the sea. The combination of its menu, dishes and drinks, together with its unbeatable views, make the restaurant the perfect place to unwind. If you are in Palmanova, it is an essential visit. But if you live in Palma or another area of the island, you have to visit it! And it is that it has more than 40 years of experience and tradition.

Now, with its renovated facilities, it is surprising how welcoming each environment is. From its wall for 'influencers', in which to take the best photos with friends, to its hanging swing. The interior also keeps alive the essence of The Blue Bar, a restaurant that continues in Palmanova generation after generation.


The restaurant has started the season on April 8 and celebrates it in a big way with a great opening party on April 23, 2022. Through the website, you can make your reservation and let yourself be seduced by the best atmosphere in Palmanova.

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