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July 13, 2022
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Paddle surf in Palmanova and Magaluf

Paddle surfing in Palmanova and Magaluf

Palmanova and Magaluf have ideal beaches to start practising this sport. The good accessibility of Palmanova beach, Porto Novo beach, Magaluf beach and Son Matias beach, attracts many people who want to test themselves and enjoy a ride on the sea with the board and paddle. In addition, the more adventurous can explore different routes to visit some spectacular coves by paddle surf:

  • Paddle surfing from Palmanova: On any of its beaches, you can enjoy a refreshing swim with the paddle surf board, without leaving the area delimited for this purpose. Although for the more adventurous you can visit the coves of Punta Negra, Cap d'Es Gegant and Punta d'Es Carregador. If the sea is calm, you can paddle to Marineland beach in just 30 minutes.
  • Paddle surfing from Magaluf: On the beach of Magaluf the paddle surfing tours are spectacular at sunrise. In addition, the islet of Sa Porrasa, which is located right in front of the beach, is a must for anyone who wants to contemplate the coast of Calvià from the sea. In the direction of El Toro it is possible to take a route to El Mago, Portals Vells or Platja del Rei. This is a long paddle surfing route of more than 40 minutes and is only recommended for the most experienced paddle surfers. 

To plan your paddle surfing trip well, we recommend that you check the sea forecast before setting off. Here is a website where you can check the state of the beaches.

Paddle surfing in Palmanova and Magaluf: Rental and excursions.

Paddle surfing in Palmanova and Magaluf is a very enriching activity for tourists and locals who wish to get in touch with the sea in a closer way. If you don't have a paddle surf board, there are many water sports and activity companies on the beach that offer board rentals. If you stroll along any of its beaches, you are sure to find plenty of options. Now is the time to come to Palmanova and Magaluf for a paddle surfing adventure with your family, friends or partner.