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June 30, 2022
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Sangria in Mallorca to cool off in summer

Sangria in Mallorca is an ideal drink to combat the summer heat. At the same time as enjoying one of the most popular drinks in Spain. Acclaimed by foreigners and locals alike, it is perfect for any time of the day. Originally from Spain and Portugal, this drink is not officially recognised as a cocktail.

Generally, sangria consists of wine, pieces of fruit, soda, some liqueur and sugar. And as a curiosity, only producers in Spain and Portugal are allowed to call this product "sangria", while in other countries they must speak of "aromatised wine-based drink".

At The Blue Bar we serve one of the best sangrias in Mallorca, according to our customers. In fact, we consider this drink to be so special that we dedicate a section of our drinks menu to it. We present the best sangria in Mallorca and its different types:

  • Red Sangria: The traditional one, with red wine and our special recipe, served with fresh fruit, a classic!
  • White: We change the red wine for a very refreshing white wine, with orange juice and our special touch, without forgetting the fresh fruit.
  • Cava Sangria: Increasingly popular, it contains Cava Brut, our special recipe, lots of bubbles and fresh fruit - a unique taste!
  • Blue Sangria: Our house brand, our most special sangria made with lots of love and... mystery, as we keep the recipe a secret. Ideal for uploading your photo to Instagram.

A sangria for every palate so you can choose and enjoy the best sangria in Mallorca. With the option of enjoying it in an individual glass or in a pitcher to share with whomever you wish. And where it tastes best, next to the Son Matias beach, with fabulous views of the sea.