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Water sports to do in Palmanova


Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't stop us from continuing to enjoy the beach and the water sports that the beaches of Palmanova have to offer. The beaches of Son Matias and Palmanova are excellent beaches for the practice of any sport. The quality of the water and their surroundings mean that they are considered one of the best urban beaches in the municipality of Calvià by residents and visitors alike. 

Not sure what to do? Is this the first time you are thinking of doing a water sport in Palmanova, or do you already know what to do? Don't worry, The Blue Bar brings you all the information you need to know what water sports to practice during these last days of summer and also at the beginning of autumn. 

Water sports in Palmanova:

  • Open water swimming: Swimming is one of the most complete sports. Working on your physical endurance can be very boring in a swimming pool, especially in summer. That's why we suggest that on calm sea days, you do a few lengths along the beach of Son Matias, from end to end. With a swim along the whole beach you will have swum more than 1 km. However, we recommend that you do it with all the necessary precautions to make yourself visible in the water, such as carrying a beacon or a marker buoy to be visible to boats, that you always do it within the marked swimming areas and that you always go with someone else.
  • Paddle surfing: Paddle surfing is also a water sport that is recommended when the sea is calm. As we mentioned in our other article about paddle surfing in Palmanova, you can find many board rental services in the Palmanova area. The best time of the year to go paddle surfing is in summer in the early morning, when the sea breeze has not yet risen. There are many routes to follow. If it's your first time you can take an individual or group lesson.
  • Wing Foil: Wing foil is a new type of sliding sport that is on the rise. On a "foil" (a board raised on a keel) you can move through the water thanks to the impulse of the wind that moves a kind of sail, in the shape of a wing, which you have to hold with your own hands. This sport is recommended for those more experienced in other modalities such as kite surfing or wind surfing. Although at the moment there are few centres that offer equipment rental, it should be noted that courses and classes in this new sport are beginning to grow. It is a sport that can only be practised if there is wind.
  • Wake surfing: This is a very fun sport for lovers of sliding. To practice wake surfing, you will have to rely on a boat or dinghy and a wake board with the necessary equipment. It is a type of surfing in which the surfer is propelled by the speed of a boat thanks to a line by which he or she is held. The surfer takes advantage of the boat's thrust to rise above the water and glide over the wave as it leaves the boat behind. In the vicinity of The Blue Bar you will find several companies dedicated to excursions and aquatic activities, and among them, we are sure you will find one that offers the possibility of practising wake surfing. 
  • Snorkelling: Although we'll classify it as a water activity, diving with your mask, snorkel and pair of fins can be quite an experience. The waters surrounding the rock and the rocks that separate Palmanova beach and Son Matias beach is an ideal area for watching marine life. In order to see more marine animals we recommend going early in the morning, when the boats have not yet started their activity and the water is usually calm. As a precaution, try to carry a marker beacon to be visible to the boats.